Welcome chuck!  Nice to see you.  Take your shoes off at the mat, she'll go mad if you mucky the carpet.

Why I've got this site: I sang for a couple of bands in the 90s and if I was ever going to enjoy success it'd have been then.  I know I'll never be rich or famous through my music; I'm too old to be a pop star, too much of a family man to go touring, and too happy to change my life pursuing it, so I'll never get that lucky break.  All that matters to me is that the music I make is as good as I can make it, and that if it's got something to say, it says it as well as my words allow.  

Whilst I don't expect success and don't get any listens to speak of, making music still really matters to me.  It's what I do, it defines who I am, and I don't consider myself to be any less of a musician just because I use a computer to compose and record my ideas, or because I don't gig with it (at the moment, anyway).  

I share my work online as a record of what I've done, and if the odd person stumbles across a track and likes it, then that's a bonus.  You never know, maybe in a couple of hundred years someone researching their family tree will stumble across my work on a web archive and be able to listen to their great-grandad's great-grandad rocking it.  :)

Why not grab a brew and give my material a try - there's something pretty much for everyone in there as I make a point of exploring genres... have a listen to the links on soundcloud where I usually post work in progress as well as finished stuff, potter around the website, read my blog, join the mailing list, and by all means feel free to buy my stuff so I can afford a beer!